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Trivium Tables: Logic


Does your logic student need some practice?

Audience Grades 7_12; recommended as a reference for Classical Conversations students, parents, and directors in Challenges A_IV.

Accessibility Includes common terms, laws, and reference charts from Challenge A, Challenge B, Challenge II, and Challenge III in one handy location.

Preparation None required

Ease of use Notebook size allows you to carry in bag or purse, and laminated pages mean you can write and erase as much as you like, thereby using this tool with all your students.

Author Classical Conversations MultiMedia

Page Count 8 panels

Format Laminated, folded accordion style, each panel is 8 3/8_ x 10 7/8_ to fit easily into your notebook.

Publication Date 2017

General Description

Train your mind to seek truth with the newest member of the Trivium Tables? family! Whether it?s logical fallacies, Truth Tables, syllogisms, or even the categories of material logic, you?ll find what you need in this handy reference, designed to support the entire Challenge sequence.

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Peso 74 g
Dimensões 28,00 × 21,00 × 1 cm


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