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Trivium Tables: Math


Math practice for students all the way through high school!

Audience Grade 1 through adult; recommended for use by Classical Conversations Essentials students and by Challenge students for review

Preparation None required

Ease of use Notebook size allows you to carry in bag or purse, and laminated pages mean you can write and erase as much as you like, thereby using this tool with all your students

Page Count 8

Format 8″ x 10.5″ laminated foldable panels

Publication Date 2014

General Description

This handy foldable reference is a tool for developing number sense through a variety of games and multi-sensory activities that strengthen memory work, pattern recognition, and mental computation. The first panel is simply a chart of numbers from 1 to 100 so that students can mark the patterns of skip counting with dry-erase markers. The second panel lays out geometry formulas, common conversions, and fraction conversions. The third section involves operations by using math terms and operations that all students need to master. Students can copy these charts until they understand the patterns and master the material. Filling out these charts and discussing them with a parent helps students develop number sense, which will be an asset in higher mathematics.

The other sections include a multiplication table and two practice space areas for learning the laws that govern operations and the kinds and forms of numbers. The seventh panel includes Board Slam, the math game that inspired National Number Knockout (directions included). The last panel is a space where students can work algebraic equations, with laws provided for guidance.

Dry erase markers and dice are not included.

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Peso 74 g
Dimensões 28,00 × 21,00 × 1 cm


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